Our Motto: Create Great Products. Have a Ball.

We are a small business which designs and manufactures protective motorcycle garments. Our mission is to design innovative motorcycle clothing that combines protection, style and comfort of highest standards.

From our base in Wiltshire England, we have been operating in the motorcycle clothing sector since 2012. We have customers worldwide and have shipped approximately 30,000 products globally.


Our philosophy is to design high quality products with the rider’s safety at its core.

All our products are designed in the UK. Our location in the UK enables us to understand the latest trends and technologies. We use this understanding and direct customer feedback to create innovative new products. Although we do not have an extensive product portfolio that covers everything, our limited product line helps us to focus on continually improving the usability and quality of our products.


Let’s face it – high quality motorbike gear is extremely expensive. Our whole business is driven by the motivation to overcome this high price challenge. Our mission is to provide high quality products to bikers at affordable prices. We think we have done a good job so far which is evident from our legion of happy customers.

Customer Service:

Happy customers – more sales – SIMPLE.