Put a RHOK between you and a hard place!

The Rider Team has teamed up with RHOK Australia to bring its great set of products to you. This blog is to introduce the brand RHOK and explain how we share the same ethos of top quality and affordable motorcycle clothing.

RHOK is a trusted motorcycle clothing brand based out of the ‘Land Down Under’ – Australia. The brand is owned by Marinko who is passionate about his motorcycles and riding. Marinko is driven by his passion of bringing high quality protection clothing to motorcycle riders at the lowest possible price. As a brand, RHOK’s mission is to never ever compromise on quality and safety yet bring down the exorbitant prices that motorcycle riders are used to paying for high end motorcycle clothing. RHOK has managed to achieve this by designing in-house a selected set of products and selling directly to customers.

A popular product of RHOK is the Gen3 men’s motorcycle Kevlar® jeans. This product has been hugely popular with the discerning motorcyclists ‘in the know’ for several years now. By continuously listening to customer’s feedback and the riding public in general, RHOK has continued to evolve the Gen3 motorcycle jeans. The end result is a fantastic pair of motorcycle jeans that provides the ultimate balance of comfort, style and protection. Here are some action shots of Gen3 jeans in charcoal black colour.

Similar to us, RHOK does not have an advertising budget like some big brands do. However our mutual belief is that no advertising can compete with the satisfaction and recommendation of our past, present and future customers. We prefer to pass these savings onto you – the riding public – knowing that every single product of ours is made to perform and last. But more importantly by knowing that when you choose us you will not only be pleased with the “value for money” but you will feel assured that no compromises were made in the manufacture of our products.

Stay safe and Enjoy The Ride!

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Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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